Welcome to L2 Eons!

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L2 Eons is a brand new project, aiming for longterm.
If you feel nostalgic reminiscing old times of L2, you are at the right place.
If the music theme of Strip Mine brings a chill to the bones, you are at the right place.
Join us in an adventure in the Lineage World, in one of the most fun and enjoyable chronicles; INTERLUDE!

We, the L2 Eons team, pledge on the following:

1) We will care for this project till the very end.
2) We will always be there for any player needing assistance.
3) We will do our very best to provide an amazing gameplay experience for everyone.
4) We will keep the donation list to the very minimum, no full items nor services will ever be available, for the entirety of this project.
5) We will be fair and just. Corruption is something that harmed many servers we used to play to, we have seen it first eye, and it has absolutely no place here.
All we ask in return, is that you give this a shot with your friends, and try to have fun in one of the most beloved games of all times! We are open to any suggestion and critisism that aims to the betterness of L2 Eons! Thank you everyone, hope to see you in game!

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Take care adventurers!